Emergency locksmith in Berlin

We will open doors and repair locks immediately.
We are never closed during breaks or weekends!

Emergency locksmith service in Berlin
One hour waiting time
Average waiting time: 30 minutes
Emergency arrivals within 10 minutes

A locksmith expert can work with locks of any complexity. The professionalism of our staff allows to mostly maintain the operability of the locking device. In the event of the unavoidable damage of the lock, our professional will have a replacement one available for you.

-10% discount
for new customers
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Emergency situation?

Urgent check-out in 10 minutes!

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Key copy service 24/7

Our assistance is always nearby. We carry out repair and restoration of damaged locks in the most efficient and competent way. Our services are available 24/7 - 365 days a year. Our employees work quickly and efficiently and use cutting edge technology. Our specialists will arrive within the shortest time frames. A quotation for the services is announced over the phone, it will vary only in the event where any additional work is required. At the request of the client, the cylinder or the lock may be replaced. Our professionals will have everything at hand upon their arrival.

Everything for the repair
Always near you
Arriving on time

Quick and efficient key duplication

  • The price of the key duplication services depends on the type and manufacturer of the lock. For instance, a classic English lock requires less working time than the newest locking device with digital elements.
  • The price of a key duplicate is determined by the mechanism and the condition of the original key.
  • The key duplication is carried out in front of the customer. The new key is then handed over safely along with the original key.
  • The locksmith can perform the duplication near you in any district of Berlin, including Friedrichshain. Our specialists are always available for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including during public and bank holidays.
  • The execution time depends on the complexity of the security mechanism of each key.

Why do I need a locksmith near me?

Do you need a locksmith in Friedrichshain?

Do you need a locksmith in Kreuzberg?

Do you need a locksmith near in Mitte?

Do you simply need a locksmith near you?

We are always here for you! Our offices are located in all of the districts mentioned above. Dozens of locksmith professionals are located all over Berlin and are ready to assist whenever you need them. Simply call us and we will arrange a quick repair for you in a safe, friendly, transparent and professional manner.

Notfall Schlüsseldienst Berlin – Tresoröffnung - Rabatt

10% discount

for new customers

Notfall Schlüsseldienst Berlin – Tresoröffnung - Rabatt-2
Notfall Schlüsseldienst Berlin – Tresoröffnung - Rabatt-Preis-1
Notfall Schlüsseldienst Berlin – Tresoröffnung - Rabatt-Preis-2

Individual prices available, give us a call.

The price depends on several factors.

Open the locked door from 55€;

Get a new lock from 65€;

Completed tasks

Notfall Schlüsseldienst Berlin – Tresoröffnung - Abgeschlossene Arbeiten - 1
Austausch des Zylindermechanismus und Ersatz Ganzmetallmechanismus
Notfall Schlüsseldienst Berlin – Tresoröffnung - Abgeschlossene Arbeiten - 2
Reparatur des Türschlosses und Austausch des Griffs, Schlüsselnotdienst 24h
Notfall Schlüsseldienst Berlin – Tresoröffnung - Abgeschlossene Arbeiten - 3
Türöffnung, der Schlüssel ist im Schloss gebrochen, Öffnung ohne Schaden
Notfall Schlüsseldienst Berlin – Tresoröffnung - Abgeschlossene Arbeiten - 4
Reparatur der Tür, das Schloss brach von innen, Öffnungsmechanismus ist repariert
Notfall Schlüsseldienst Berlin – Tresoröffnung - Abgeschlossene Arbeiten - 5
Ersatz des Türmechanismus im Bürozentrum

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What is the price of our locksmith in Berlin?

The price of our services will be announced to you beforehand. Price starts from 55 euro for unlocking the door. Changes to it will only incur should any additional services be required. We are pleased to offer the lowest prices in Berlin, whilst committed to providing our services at the highest standard.

We accept any form of payment from individuals or companies (cash, credit/debit card or bank transfer)

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